A series of audio dramas which look at historical events from the eyes and in the imagined words of those who were there, or who might have been there.

The Terrible Affair at Tilbury Fort - October 28, 1776


Published on: October 28, 2017

The only armed conflict ever to take place within Tilbury Fort itself – where shots were fired – was at the incredible “Cricket Match” between The Men of Essex and Men of Kent. According to the letter written to describe it, and printed in the London Chronicle, the wager was 5 Gold Guineas (worth £2,550 to collectors these days- and even at the face value 21 shillings each, the equivalent of just under £900 today).

With the stakes, and tempers both running high, Tilburina, daughter to the Fort’s Commander, may have chosen the wrong Cricket Match as her first to watch.

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