A series of audio dramas which look at historical events from the eyes and in the imagined words of those who were there, or who might have been there.

Pink Tanks Red Army - May 1, 1991


Published on: May 1, 2017 

Russian Tank No. 23 was put on display in Prague Square, Czechoslovia in 1945 to commemorate the “liberation” of the Czechs by the Red Army at the end of World War 2. For many Czechs it was to become a symbol of the 1968 Prague Spring. when Russian Tanks again invaded Prague – this time to crush the Daffodil Spring liberalisation of the Czechs under Dubcek.

In April 1991, when it was already known The Soviet troops would be leaving once and for all by the end of June. art student David Cerny and his friends came up with a plan for Tank No 23.

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